We started this brand based on the strong belief we both share that no matter what struggles and roadblocks we may face on our journey, there is always a purpose tied into that struggle that is simultaneously molding and shaping us into stronger, more resilient versions of ourselves. And while we may not get to see that version of ourselves being created while we are in the trenches, the only way to grow into that person is by staying in the fight and pushing through those impossible moments. If you give up, you may not have to endure the sweat, blood, and tears from those hard days, but you will also miss out on that strength, wisdom, and experience that was leveling you up behind the scenes.

We all have a champion buried deep inside ourselves that can be awakened in the midst of our struggles if we only realized our own potential beyond any limitations our mind can create to keep us dormant. How many times has that little voice in your head made you think you couldn’t do something or told you that you were not good enough? How many times have you given up on a dream because you felt like it was impossible and there was too much working against you? It happens to all of us – but what most people don’t realize is that we all have that champion inside that is just waiting to be unleashed – and the same way we can believe all those lies our inner critic makes up about us about how we cannot do something, is the same exact way we can flip the switch and set that champion free who will remind us that we CAN do hard things. AND WE WILL.

As we like to look at it – we will find a way over any excuse. Even when it’s hard, even when it feels impossible, and even when we want to give up…. especially during those times. We can push past the limitations in our own mind and show up for ourselves. We can do the work and no matter how many times we fail, we will keep pushing and keep getting back up. Because that is the only way to silence the quitter in us and awaken the champion.

#RIP Excuses – where we unleash our inner champion and keep
showing up.  

Cheers & Positive Vibes,

Michi & Roly